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The following terms (hereinafter referred to as "terms of use") apply to all users or viewers who visit this website. YOOZ and its affiliated companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as "YOOZ") reserve the right to modify these terms at any time without prior notice. The right to access this website is granted by YOOZ in accordance with the following terms. Please stop using this website immediately if you do not abide by our terms or policies. If you continue to access or use this website by registering, logging in, using services or other measures, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement and are bound by them. It should be noted that our website and products are only accessible and used by adults. Please confirm that your age has reached the adult age or above within the jurisdiction of your living area in order to facilitate your better use or access to our website. In the event of a violation of this terms, YOOZ has the right to take legal and fair remedial measures.
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The materials and information contained in this website, including but not limited to text, pictures, data, opinions, suggestions, web pages or links. Although YOOZ strives to provide accurate information on the website, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, adequacy and reliability of these materials and information, and we explicitly declare that we are not responsible for errors or omissions of the information. The information on this website is for reference only. Any major decisions made in accordance with the content will be at your own risk.
YOOZ shall be entitled to adjust and modify the information on this website without notice or prompt. You can log in to our website to view relevant content at any time in order to facilitate you to obtain the latest information in time.The terms and conditions set forth on this website shall not be deemed to sell or require the purchase of any products. YOOZ strictly abides by the laws and regulations, and the sales of products are also carried out on the premise of complying with the laws and regulations of specific regions where these products are sold.
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You may need to open an account and provide complete and accurate information when accessing this website, or using certain functions or services provided by the website. You shall take charge of the authenticity of the information provided, and ensure the security and confidentiality of your account and password information. You will take responsibility for any activities occurred under your account. Please do not allow others to use your account at will, otherwise you may be liable for the losses suffered by YOOZ and any other users or visitors of this website. In addition, without the consent of the account holder, you are not allowed to use another person's account at will, otherwise you will take full responsibility of the consequences. You are deemed to agree that YOOZ has the right to send you information about this website or YOOZ products in the form of notice after opening an account. Your use of this website account is deemed to agree that YOOZ can log in to your account or perform any other relevant security operations without authorization. YOOZ reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate your access to or use of this website at its sole discretion. The functions or services involved in this website include, but are not limited to, any website updates, enhancements, new functions, the addition of any new website attributes, etc. All the above content is subject to these terms and conditions of use.
Product order
YOOZ reserves the right to adjust the content of products or services provided at any time. There will be no prior notice if the prices of the products or services change. We reserve the right to restrict anyone who sells our products or services in any region and jurisdiction. We are also entitled to limit the quantity of any products or services provided, in the event that our products or services are prohibited, any prices for any products or services offered on this website are invalid.
In order to facilitate your completion of the transaction, you agree to timely update your account information and other related information, including but not limited to the recipient address, email address, bank card number, etc. If the order cannot be processed or cancelled due to inauthentic or inaccurate information provided by you, it will be your personal responsibility. We have the right to reject or cancel the order for any reason if you are a minor or your age cannot be verified, your account exists problems, or your order exceeds the quantity available for purchase. If we discover an error in your order and need to change or cancel it, we will also contact you in time via phone number, email, contact address, etc.
If your package is lost or stolen during transportation, please contact the courier company for handling in time. We will try our best to cooperate and help you solve the problem though we do not bear any responsibility for this.
In addition, we sincerely suggest that you purchase our products through formal and authorized channels in order to ensure the quality, safety and reliability of products or services. For any products purchased outside of this website and/or authorized distributors, YOOZ does not assume any responsibility, including but not limited to not providing any return or refund service and no obligation to assist in resolving any claims or disputes arising therefrom .
Undertake of responsibility
You have the right to legally access to or use this website, if you cause an error interrupt of this website or other transmission website systems involved, you agree to bear the liability for any damages caused by the interrupt and pay related fees (including attorney fees). If you infringe on our or a third party's legal rights and interests such as copyrights, trademark rights, etc. in the course of using the website, you agree to compensate any claims or demands of the above-mentioned rights owners, including reasonable attorneys' fees.
Prohibition of use
You are not allowed to visit or use this website service to establish similar or competitive services, and you are not allowed to use this website or any of its contents for any illegal purpose. You shall not use our products or services for any illegal or unauthorized purpose or violate any laws within your jurisdiction in any way. You are not allowed to use the copyright or trademark of this website and other content involving intellectual property rights at will. Specifically, it is forbidden to use this website or the following contents:
(1) Violate any international, federal, provincial or state laws, regulations, rules or local regulations, etc., and the basic principles established in any applicable constitution and other regulations;
(2) It is not allowed to use this website or any content, included in it out of any illegal or prohibited by these terms of use, nor to instigate any illegal activities or other activities that violate the rights of YOOZ or others.
(3) Unauthorized collection or tracking of information or data from other users;
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(5) Prohibit spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism or inciting others to commit crimes, undermining national unity;
(6) Damage or change computer systems or data through uploading or releasing viruses, worms or malicious software, thereby affecting or interfering with the data, functions, security or normal operation of the website;
(7) Infringe any patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets or any other rights of any party;
(8) In collusion with or assist any third party to take part in any activities prohibited by this Agreement. We reserve the right to terminate your use of the website to ensure that any prohibited purposes will not be used.
This website strives to provide users with better product information and services, but does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information, and refuses any express or implied warranty. This website will not be liable for any kind of direct or indirect damages caused by the use of the website, the inability or unavailability of the website, website errors or inaccurate information contained in the website. This website shall not be liable for indirect, incidental, special or any form of punitive damages. Accessing or using this website indicates that you have checked the compatibility of your system. Connecting to this website will not cause the computer in service to fail. You need to bear the risk of downloading any materials from this website. We cannot guarantee that the website will not be damaged, due to the unpredictability of the current computer virus. In this case, we will not bear any responsibility for the damage caused by such reasons, if you are damaged by connecting to the website. But we have the right to take measures in appropriate places to investigate the responsibility for any such damage.
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This website may continue to have links with third-party websites or web addresses. Using such links does not mean YOOZ's recognition, support and recommendation of such information, except for the purpose of publicity and advertising. And we also do not undertake the obligation to check, monitor and approve such user content. YOOZ refuses to take any responsibility for the integrity and accuracy of the information contained in such linked websites. You should decide whether to visit these links or not, and you will bear all risks and legal liabilities.
Intellectual property
All materials or contents contained in this website are protected by copyright law. All copyrights are owned by YOOZ or its licensors, except for the contents with reference source. All trademarks, identifications and logos involved in this website are the property of YOOZ and its respective owners. Without the prior written permission of YOOZ, the third-party shall not use or display the above trademarks or logos arbitrarily, and shall not copy, modify, cite or disseminate the contents of this website at will, nor use them for advertising or commercial purposes. In the meanwhile, YOOZ also advocates the protection of other people's intellectual property rights. If you believe that someone has copied or published your works on this website and violated your rights and interests, you can contact us at once through our email address support@yooz.com.
Considering the development strategy of YOOZ, our business will cover different countries and regions all over the world. In order to facilitate you to understand YOOZ, we set up this website. However, we deeply understand that you may visit or use this website in any region of the world. In order to fully comply with the laws and regulations of different regions, please confirm that any information, visit or use of this website does not violate the laws of your jurisdiction. If there is any violation, please exit and prohibit the use of this website in time. You have the responsibility and obligation to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction. The use of the website and these terms and conditions are in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong, which indicates that you have agreed to the jurisdiction of the competent court of Hong Kong in this regard and that the court has the power to take any action to enforce these terms and conditions.
The privacy policy of YOOZ made available for the use of this website, which has the same rights as this Agreement. Your visit or use this website indicate that you confirm and agree that YOOZ can use such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
Amendment clause
We may adjust or revise the terms of this Agreement at any time, and we will notify you by publishing a notice on the website. Your use of this website and all other services after modification of the terms indicates that you agree to such changes. YOOZ reserves the right to modify and suspend the website updates or services without further notice.
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