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New technology
Built to be unique and elegant
Intense experience



Black, white, and gray classic color scheme Original high-quality design
Micron-level optical
aperture technology
Dynamic breathing light
Elegant pearl white paint
High density anodic
oxidation metal finish
Wireless contact charging
Available with charging
box or case
Longer battery life with
Quick Charge technology
Brand New Type-c
Charging Port

Reverse insert
30 mins quick

Cool contact
charging function
450/500mAh, lithium

30-40% increase in amount
of puff volume
UNI Series Q&A

What is the difference between UNI and ZERO series?

The goal of the Zero series: Create a high-quality experience with customizable colors and personalization

UNI series as a new product:First, the cartridges are not universal, and the amount of smoke cloud, fuel tank capacity, nicotine content, and battery life of UNI will be larger.

Product Concept & Idea:UNI focuses on a stronger sense of satisfaction and quality, and the target consumers are also different.

UNI series and competitive advantages

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Satisfaction Guaranteed: The performance of the product has been significantly improved, the battery capacity has upgraded to a large 450/500mAh battery, and the nicotine content is now 3.5%.

Upgraded Capacity: 2.1ml increased capacity, brand-new structural design, increased smoke volume by 20%, and significantly reduced lousy taste.

Better Experience:The magnetic cap design is cleaner, safer, more secure, and convenient. Round and ergonomic shape, elegant pearlescent paint, giving it a high-end touch.
Compared to other competitors, it is a superior product, from product positioning to new advantages such as function, quality, experience, and increased satisfaction.