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 UEFA Euro Cup comes back delayed 1 year. Are you ready to start an exciting journey?

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4 used pods for 1 new in Canada

 Yooz #greenaction is coming. Climate warming and environment pollution has becoming the hottest problem right now. Used pods are one of the poisoned electronic trash. Yooz is working on this! We want to collect them together and deal with properly. Take 4 used pods (any brands) in our stores and you can get a new one. Here is our store's location: 3276 midland ave, unit c123, Toronto. 

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Philippines Store Openinig Celebration Giveaway!


Hey Yoozers, we are excited to announce that we will be having an amazing giveaway to celebrate Philippines store opening. We will be choosing not 1, not 2 but 10 winners.

Stay tuned! We will be announcing soon the mechanics and prizes of our giveaway.

This is our way of thanking all of you for the unending support and for our growing community!

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Get Free gifts to Share YOOZ news on social media!

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Giveaway To start your April

You join it, we give it After hearing the voice of our customers from Philippines & Malaysia,we decide to hold an extra #giveaway for you.

Prize: Yooz Zero 2 vape kit for each winner

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